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It has become harder to make a living as a photographer, but easier to sell photographs. More than ever, personal voice has become important for the media artist who wants to stand out, convey a message—maybe even still make a living. How does one do that these days?

CARIBBEAN TOUR - Jon Anderson, an Open Society Fellow, captures a side of the Dominican Republic away from the tourist sites. And Anderson's 10 Tips & Techniques for better photojournalism.
FICTION MEETS PHOTOGRAPHY - Velibor Bozovic illustrates the novels of his friend Aleksander Hemon.

MAKING ICONS - Hal Buell, the former head of the Associated Press' Photography Service, talks about what makes photographs iconic.
FRONTLINE APPRENTICE - What does Kitra Cahana do during breaks from her studies at McGill University? Visits global hot spots and creates award-winning images.

NOT STILL ANYMORE - Nana Chen puts behind a quiet childhood to earn a living as an Asia-based photographer.

ANACHRONISM - Film and manual cameras...  New York-based Alan Chin documents war and crises the old-fashioned way.
ASIA BY LEICA - James Whitlow Delano documents an Asia that is vanishing.

IN A CRISIS - Chile-based Hugo Infante talks about how he covers a crisis.
A DAY IN THE LIFE - New Orleans-based Andy Levin, a former Life magazine contributor, explains "rhythm, movement and soul."

THE BLUEST EYE - John Loomis discusses how he makes a living as a Miami-based  photographer, and how he launched Blue Eyes magazine.
AT THE BAT - Sports Illustrated contributor Brad Mangin on why shooting sports is not as easy as people think.

AMUSE - Jessie Mann makes the move from one of our generations best-known muses to her own career as an artist.
TECHNOLOGICAL EDGE - Allen Murayabashi, CEO of Photoshelter and  graduate of  the Eddie Adams workshop,  discusses how technology is changing the way we sell photography.

MAKING THE AGENCY - Jason Pagan teaches what aspiring photographers need to make the grade at a photo agency.
GRIT AND GRIME - Ibiza-based Stefan Rohner leaves painting for the grit and grime of photography.

ELEMENTAL - Eugene Smith award winner John Vink follows the struggles of the poor over water, land and food.